Certificate inscription IMEI multiband/SAE

It is used for cellphones, tablets, smartdevices, GPS and any equipment that contains IMEI.

Allows registration for Cell phones purchased from outside of Chile Or Non-SAE equipment. If you bought your phone in Chile or you do not have a "valid voucher" and you need to register Contact.

Valid vouchers:

International purchase tickets, invoice, travel ticket, EBay Bill, AliExpress, lingo or other or site, or photo of the doorbell in passport or the last entry to the country.

We are real , see what they say about us in:


$14.990 $9.990

After you buy the certificate you will get a unique code by mail The one you should write in our Registration page. After validation the registry will be ready in 6 – 12 hours.
Each 7

Minutes we register an IMEI


IMEI registered in the last 30 days


IMEI Totals Registered

We are a registration terminal directly connected to the laboratory of MBServices, an entity authorized by SUBTEL. All data filled in this website is sent to the certifying body. Another original idea of Neotronics.cl
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